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Class of ’18

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Hey guys, welcome to my page! My name’s Nathan, and I’m a Biomedical Engineering student from Davis, a small town up in Northern California. I am actively involved with my social fraternity Sigma Nu, the USC Club Baseball team, and Camp Kesem, which is a free-of-charge summer camp for children who have a parent with cancer. In addition, I’m doing Lab Research on a portable ultrasound device capable of thinning membranes in the eye so drugs can be applied easier! My favorite things about LA are all the incredible restaurants, the beautiful hikes, and the diverse atmosphere. Thanks for checking out my page, and keep exploring to find out more about #ViterbiLife!

My Favorite Places in LA


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I was a counselor for Camp Kesem, a student run organization that provides a free-of-charge summer camp for kids who have had a parent diagnosed with cancer. The camp is held in Big Bear, and all week we get to do super fun camp activities so that everyone has a blast. My camp name is “Stinky!” I bet you’ll never guess why 😉
I am a member of Sigma Nu, which is one of the many social fraternities on campus. Although Greek life is not for everyone, it was a great way for me to meet new friends to go on spontaneous adventures with! I know that I have met some of my best friends through Sigma Nu, and I can’t wait for all the adventures still in store for me.
Studying abroad isn’t the only way to experience other countries! USC offers alternative spring breaks, which are excursions that accomplish a wide variety of tasks. I participated in ASB Peru! I spent the week in Lima where I cared for elderly citizens in a hostel and helped renovate a nursing home.

My Major at USC: Biomedical Engineering

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Nathan's tip for applying

On your application, just be honest! If you are honest about your passions and aspirations, then that will show in the essays. Don't try to be someone you're not, or else it will sound fishy.

Application Extracurriculars

Don’t feel pressured to list every last extracurricular activity you’ve ever remotely been involved in. It’s totally cool just to talk about the few things you’re most interested in.

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Two Truths and a Lie

Can you guess which of these are true or false?
False…but just barely! Traveling is my favorite thing, and I’ve been to 23 states. Hopefully one day I’ll hit all 50.
True! Solidworks is a computer-aided design program that allows the user to design solid parts used for engineering.
True! My family and I got our thoroughbred, Gronk, 2 years ago. He loves walking through the taco bell drive through.

My Favorite Shows

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    Westworld is hands down one of the best shows currently out there. It’s about a theme park filled with automatons, and some of these robots are on the hunt for sentience and self-awareness. Check it out if you’re interested in CS.

  • breaking-bad

    Walter is a high school chemistry teacher when he is suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer. He turns to manufacturing meth in order to make some money for his family before he dies. It’s thrilling and has some of the best character development I’ve ever seen.

  • adventure-time

    I don’t care that I’m 20 years old. Adventure Time is great. Although it’s an animated show on Cartoon Network, Adventure Time has some dark themes that I find very compelling. Of course, a little childishness to make me feel younger never hurts!