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Mechanical Engineering
Class of ’20

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Hey there! I’m Nathan, and I‘m a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering with an Entrepreneurship minor from Santa Barbara, California. On campus, I work as a research assistant in the Interaction Lab helping to develop robots for children with developmental disorders, am involved with the LavaLab idea incubator, and am part of a social fraternity. I am also an RA in a freshman dorm and work as a Freshman Academy Coach to mentor freshmen students! On weekends, I like camping with SC Outfitters, going to football games, surfing at Manhattan beach, and finding concerts around LA. Last summer, I interned at a space systems company called Orbital ATK where I helped run tests and build the latest deployable space technology. Feel free to check out my blogs!

My Favorite Places in LA


I’m an RA in the freshman dorm New North. Come say hi!
In this role, I co-teach a class to Viterbi freshmen introducing them to university life and the resources USC has to offer.
I work in a robotics research lab called the Interaction Lab where we develop socially assistive robots- specifically for children with developmental disorders.

My Major at USC: Mechanical Engineering

My Favorite Classes
This was my first in-depth physics class I have ever taken, and I thought it was awesome to see the relevance of the class in everyday life. From riding my skateboard to spinning my pencil on my finger, I was able to finally understand the physics behind so many random movements.
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My Tips for You

Application Essays

Do your first draft and revision completely by yourself, so everything comes from you. Only bring other people in for revisions, not ideation.

Application Extracurriculars

Focus on the ones you care about and spend a lot of time with- quality is much more important than quantity.

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Two Truths and a Lie

Can you guess which of these are true or false?

My Favorite Shows

  • Black Mirror is a thrilling show about possible future scenarios where technology could be taken too far. It is incredibly thought provoking and interesting to watch.

  • Stranger Things is about a supernatural girl hiding in a small town while scientists try to capture her to run tests. It is intentionally confusing at times, which kept me engaged the entire time.