My Favorite Class So Far: Writing?

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After a year and a half as a Mechanical Engineering major, my favorite class so far has been… writing? I know, I know- I’m an engineer and I’m supposed to hate writing and anything else related to the humanities. I’m supposed to dream about math and physics all day and night and never stimulate the other side of my brain. Well I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not exactly true.

Now I definitely do enjoy my engineering classes and am still passionate about becoming an engineer, but there is certainly a joy to thinking about open ended questions and having discussions with classmates about things that have no right answer. That’s why Writing 150 has been my favorite class. My professor was phenomenal at carrying discussions and posing interesting questions that we were excited to write and debate about. As a result, my class became extraordinarily close, and we even went out to dinner with our professor at the end of the semester. I was dreading this class at the beginning of the semester, but that’s the beauty of the GE system; it makes you take classes that you wouldn’t normally consider and they often end up way more valuable than you expect.

That class taught me to question everything, read analytically, and value the importance of writing- regardless of which industry I end up in. Despite what most people will tell you, I honestly think that you should look forward to Writing 150 your freshman year because it makes you a more complete student and strengthens your way of thinking. I’ll stick with engineering, but I’m still so glad I was forced to take this class. Shoutout to Dr. Cantiello.

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Nathan is a sophomore studying ME. He loves the beach, hiking, and football games. Click the picture above to learn more!

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