Being an RA is UnderRAted

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My freshman year housing experience was awesome. I loved the easy access to my best friends’ rooms, my roommates were great, and finding study groups could not have been easier. I can’t imagine being happier than I was in my freshmen dorm- so now I’m doing it all over again, except as an RA. When my friends wanted to get apartments in the new USC Village, I painfully denied the opportunity to live with them so that I could be an RA in New North.

Why did I choose to be an RA? Well, there’s several reasons:

1) Help lost freshmen-
I remember what it was like moving away from home last year and how helpful it was knowing upperclassmen to give me advice.

2) Leadership experience-
Being an RA never stops, so I figured it would be an excellent way to grow as a leader

3) Free housing and food-
Another year of not cooking my own food!

4) Fun!-
I like people

Since the year has started, being an RA has been quite an experience. I’ve had several late nights helping locked out residents, answering questions, and doing everything else that comes with supervising a bunch of freshmen. However, it has been awesome helping people acclimate to life at USC, and steering them away from the mistakes that I made last year. While it’s definitely weird going to dining halls and not recognizing most of the people there, having the convenience of dining halls again is a huge bonus.

Life as an RA has changed my perspective on college and while it has been a big commitment, it has also been one of my most rewarding involvements on campus thus far. It has been a ton of fun, and best of all, being an RA has NOT restricted me from having an outside life!

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Nathan is a sophomore studying ME. He loves the beach, and football games. Click the picture above to learn more!

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