Best Part of Thanksgiving Break (Besides the Turke)

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Of all the breaks, Thanksgiving is definitely the least relaxing. While it’s amazing seeing friends and family, everything is always incredibly rushed and I always feel guilty about not doing the work I told myself I would finish. After suffering the week after Thanksgiving break last year trying to make up for all of my lost time, I thought that I would learn and actually be productive this year, but things don’t always go according to plan.

Now don’t get me wrong- I loved Thanksgiving break, I just don’t know if I would consider myself more “rested” than before. Between catching up with different friend groups, spending time with family, walking the dog, preparing for Thanksgiving, going to the beach, and going Christmas shopping, there really was not much time left for “relaxing”. I guess that’s what makes the break so great though- it gives you just enough time to keep a full agenda, but not enough time to get lazy and bored. It gives you just enough time to remember how much you appreciate your hometown and family, but not enough time to forget about LA. And most importantly, it gives you just enough time to keep your old friends a part of your life, but not enough time to lose touch with your new ones at school.

Some people spend their break studying and getting ahead, and although that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing right now, I’m still glad that I prioritized my friends and family. I’ll pay for my lack of schoolwork over break with several late nights this week, but it’s worth the sacrifice to keep my relationships strong. The textbooks will always be there, so remember to cherish your friends while they’re still close.

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Nathan is a sophomore studying ME. He loves the beach, hiking, and football games. Click the picture above to learn more!

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