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Why I chose to attend USC really attests to what I like most about the university. As I started the college application process in my junior year of high school, I visited and researched many universities on the East and West Coasts, and eventually decided to apply to 10 universities – MIT, Yale, Columbia, Duke, Northwestern, USC, Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and UCSD. At the time I wasn’t necessarily looking to stay in California. I applied early action to MIT, and was accepted. I also applied for and received early scholarship acceptance offers from USC and Duke. As my senior year continued I was fortunate to be accepted to all the schools I applied to, except for Stanford. I had a tough decision ahead of me to figure out which college I would attend in the fall!


It eventually became clear that USC had everything I was looking for in my college experience. My first priority was my academic program – USC has allowed me to combine my interest in engineering and architecture through the Civil Engineering (Building Science) program. I was also excited about the prospect of beginning research work in my freshman year, and participating in the engineering honors program. I loved the wide variety and amount of study abroad opportunities at USC, and the many student organizations I could become involved in, both engineering and non-engineering. I couldn’t wait to join the club lacrosse team, to continue playing lacrosse at a competitive level that wouldn’t interfere with my studies. USC’s location was also important for me – located in the heart of Los Angeles, it’s an urban campus that is its own bubble while still being connected to the surrounding communities. The weather is perfect year-round and campus is close to the beach, mountains, and my hometown as well, making visits home easier should I need them, because family is very important to me. Almost more importantly, USC has great school spirit centered around a close-knit community that supports its members in every endeavor, whether its academics, arts, or athletics. Being a huge football fan, it was definitely a plus that USC has a great sports program, especially the football team that makes Gameday Saturdays the highlights of the fall. I loved the atmosphere and feel of the campus, and the Trojan family.


Over the past year and I half I have realized that USC really is the perfect school for me.  So good luck with the college decision process and Fight On!


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