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Hello from Kansas!

One week, lots of emails, and some flight changes later, I am back home in Kansas City! Although the experience of leaving school and returning home has been chaotic, confusing, and disappointing, I am trying to make the best of the whole situation and be optimistic about the rest of the semester! Before I launch back into online classes and attempt to venture this new unknown territory, I have decided to relish my spring break and fill my time with non-school activities.

You might ask how I have been filling this new abundance of free time. I am healing from the craziness the only way I know how… FOOD!!!

Since I can’t go out for ice cream every night right now, I have taken this time to harness my passion for baking! Thankfully, my addiction to dessert survived the transition and my sweet tooth has only amplified J Although I have always loved it, in the craziness of an engineering schedule, I often prioritize other commitments over baking.

Here are 2 new recipes I have already tried that, if I do say so myself, are WINNERS and are reminiscent of vacation spots! If we can’t travel physically, we can still travel with our taste buds!

  1. Copy-cat Levain’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe attempts to emulate the GIANT chocolate chip cookies at New York City’s famous Levain Bakery. The owner, a frequent marathon runner, invented these baseball size cookies as a way to pack in extra calories and fuel her long runs. While these cookies are nowhere near healthy, they might be the most delicious cookies I have ever had in my life. To make yourself, look up Levain’s Chocolate Chip cookie recipe and you are sure to find one that works. One moment I’m in my kitchen, the next I am in New York City! YUM!

    1. S’mores Brownie Bars

    Did you have plans to go hiking in Yosemite this break? Never fear, bring the great outdoors to your home through this twist on a campfire treat! Graham cracker base, brownie filling, and marshmallow topping, can I say more? These went wayyyy too fast in my house. I’m currently making plans to make another batch soonJ

    No matter where you are, baking is an opportunity to take a culinary journey and also a fun way to spend some extra time. Try these out and let me know what you think! Hoping everyone is having a SWEET break!

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