Taking Midterms… in my Room?

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Hello everyone!

Hope you all are doing well and staying sane during this crazy time. For me, this has involved lots of walks and LOTS of baking 🙂 I will admit I am still trying to adapt to this new normal but every day I am getting a little more adjusted and trying to muster a little more motivation. 

It is safe to say that this whole new academic situation is a little out of my comfort zone. Taking classes at my desk in my bedroom is one thing, but taking midterms in my bedroom?? This might be the weirdest adjustment of all.

Although the world has seemed to turn upside down, one thing that has remained constant is the rigor of an engineer’s course schedule. For me, that means life has continued chugging along with back to back midterms in Physics 152 and BME 210: Biomedical Computer Simulation Methods. 

For both midterms, we were given extended time to account for scanning and uploading our hand-written exams. My BME 210 midterm was proctored via Zoom. This meant we had to position our webcam on our workspace. If we had questions during the exam, we were able to chat message our professor via Zoom or ask on the microphone. My Physics Midterm was a timed exam yet it was unproctored meaning that our cameras were not on. The exam was released at a certain time and our job was to upload our completed exam before the 2 hour time period had elapsed. 

Although the material was tricky in and of itself, my test environment was an added challenge. Although I was fortunate enough to take my exams in a quiet location at my desk, I missed the lecture hall environment. I am one of those people that can focus best in distraction-free and academic settings. It was hard to get “in the zone” in my room haha. 

Even though this presented an extra challenge to some extent, taking these tests at home was a growing experience. Although there is a lot of uncertainty with this whole situation, I am trying to roll with the punches and take each day at a time.

Hope everyone is finding some bright spots in their day and adapting to the challenges!!

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