The Road to Senior Year

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I seriously cannot believe it is almost the end of my junior year! It’s definitely surreal watching the Viterbi seniors experience their multitude of “lasts” knowing that I will be in that place next year.

For today I’ll share some awesome events I’ve attended that usually wrap up the semester each year. Going to these events reminded me how absolutely AMAZING the Trojan family is!

Viterbi Awards

The Viterbi Awards is an awesome celebration of all the work the Viterbi community and alumni are doing in Los Angeles and around the world. It was so great to network with new people and reunite with old ones from my internships and involvements on campus. Vanessa also talked about her experience in her blog post!

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

The Festival of Books is held on the USC campus at the end of April every year. It isn’t just full of books though: I experienced all kinds of food, music, and even Virtual Reality installations.

Friday Tennis Matches

Ever since I started playing tennis this semester in my Tennis class through the PE Department, I can’t get enough of watching advanced players play the game. I attended the Women’s Tennis Match and was super inspired by their skills.

Night Markets

I attended a night market near campus, which had awesome food and music as well. This is my friend ordering an ice cream sandwich!

West Side Story Production

Some of my friends performed in West Side Story, which was a collaboration between the School of Dramatic Arts, Kaufman School of Dance, and Thorton School of Music. I really enjoyed supporting them and seeing one of my favorite musicals of all time!

Like I said, it’s definitely bittersweet knowing that I have a little over 365 days until I graduate. I can’t wait to make the most of this next year. Talk to you all later!

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Natalie is a junior studying Computer Science/Business and Dance. Click the photo above to find out more.

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