WE Local – A Weekend in Phoenix

Namita Prakash Namita

Hello everyone!!

Hope y’all are doing well on this fine Wednesday! 

I’ve got a midterm coming up tomorrow but I’m still reveling in how epic my weekend was. On Thursday night, I flew to Phoenix, Arizona for a Society of Women Engineers conference. The conference had several amazing breakout sessions going on throughout the day as well as a mini career fair with a bunch of companies really invested in their diversity and inclusion missions. It was my first SWE conference and it definitely defied expectations.

The keynote speech first thing in the morning on day 1 blew my mind. The speaker talked about her inspiring journey in starting a new school and all the hardships she faced along the way. She initiated discussions in our table groups about challenges we’ve faced. Our conversations took an unapologetic and immediate deep-dive into the nuances of navigating the workplace as a female engineer and how our long-term careers are so strongly affected by the fact that we are women. And this all happened before 9 AM.

Beyond the eye-opening breakout sessions and the welcoming company reps at the career fair, I also got to go on a site tour at Intel. They showed us their autonomous car and told us about their vision for their technology in the upcoming decade. They also showed us their data center and the steps they’re taking towards creating a system for a smart building.

The conference as a whole was super inspiring and I’m so glad I got to interact with so many ambitious and dedicated female professionals who are so willing to advise and support each other. And now, I can’t wait to go to my next SWE conference!

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