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Namita Prakash Namita

I can’t believe we’re already a week (and a HALF) into the semester?! I swear I just got over jet lag like yesterday. . .
          Winter break was great but felt super short. I went to India for little over two weeks and I spent my first three days there pretty much sleeping 24/7. My grandparents pampered me to no end and I loved doing absolutely nothing. Since I normally go to India during the summer though, this trip was especially great because I got to be in Bangalore the same time as a lot of my cousins who usually only visit in the winter. We all spent New Years’ together and it was super fun dancing sillily to Bollywood music.

I got to get all dressed up and go to a wedding while in India!

          It feels really weird to be back already because winter break went by so quickly, but it feels even weirder to think about how quickly time is moving now. After this semester, I’ll be halfway through college! Already, I’ve finished a lot of my core major requirements and the difference is clear.
          This semester, I got to enroll in a super amazing screenwriting class. Every week, we’re given an assignment and every week our screenplay will be cast and read by students in the class. I’m really excited to be learning a completely new skill and while it is more than a little intimidating to put myself out there every week, I’m ready for the challenge.

I really missed being able to walk around campus freely over break…

          What makes this semester especially magical though, is that I have NO FRIDAY CLASSES!! Every weekend is a three day weekend for me now and I can’t wait to use that time to explore new places in LA or just relax and unwind from a busy week.

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Namita is a sophomore studying CS. Lover of acai bowls and napping. Click above to find out more.

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