#Why Wait: Things You Can Do While Waiting for Decisions

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There Are
Days Until Decisions are Out! (As of February 8th)

We get it – waiting for college decisions can be tough enough as it is. In this post I’ll try and highlight a few different ways that you can pass the time, learn more about the schools that you’re interested in, and also enjoy the entire process! Perspective is key, as with any waiting game, but with some perseverance and patience you’ll get there. The counter on this page will make sure of it!

“There’s a lot of best colleges out there, but there’s not as many you colleges out there”Michael T.
  • Continue Hobbies

    Continue your involvement in the things that you enjoy! They surely can’t only be for your college application – keep enjoying these activities and involvements.

  • Enjoy Tranquility

    Enjoy some of your peace and quiet (at the very least, your separation from being forced to complete college applications) and take a moment to relax and evaluate your college choices, and also revel in the greatness of all the places you could end up going.

  • Try New Things

    This is my personal favorite – and something that I did when I was a senior in high school. Not only can it be really fun and informative, but you get the chance to meet a whole bunch of new people who are really good at what the do along the way!

Best of luck with decisions.

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