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Reflect and respond – those are some of the bits of advice from friends, family, and acquaintances that seem to resonate most strongly when looking back on 2017 and forward to 2018. On one hand, it’s easy to revel in the great moments of the previous year and wish you were there again. Other camps prefer to move on forward with their thoughts. I think that both are important; acknowledging the past and the lessons that have been learned through experience, the great times, the not so great times, and most importantly, all of that experience and fun that you’ve had that can help you be a better version of yourself in the future. It sounds fairly cliche, but improving upon yourself (at least in my opinion) is the best Resolution anyone can have – be the person you wanted to be yesterday today. And if you’re not there yet, keep on working.

At the same time, work isn’t the only ingredient to your own success, happiness, or sense of fulfillment. Without recovery time, some good rest, and reflection and introspection, it would be nearly impossible to evaluate where you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what it really means to you. So take that time for yourself; prioritize it, and really do it – don’t just go through the motions of thinking about what happened. Active reflection might be one of the most valuable things I’ve clumsily tried to do in the past year, and regardless of how good I’ve been at it, any personal benefit I’d argue is more than warranted.

This was quite a philosophical blog, but I value these thoughts just as much as the business and excitement of being in the midst of USC during the semester working on a huge number of different things at the same time. Cherish whatever struggles and accomplishments you’ve made, and take that sense of achievement as a deposit in yourself and your future well being.

And finally, enjoy a few pictures from my winter break. I hope your holidays and new years were well received, and wish the coming year to be fruitful for all.

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