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This summer I am working at a biotech company called SynTouch. The company grew from research conducted at Dr. Loeb’s research lab at USC, and many of the employees at the company are from USC. The company creates tactile sensors that emulate the human finger – “synthetic touch.” My job as an intern at SynTouch this summer has been to do a “proof of concept” that shows that their tactile sensor (the BioTac) can be of use in minimally invasive surgery and return some form of feel to the surgeon during operations.

The BioTac sensor

The BioTac sensor

The job has been engaging since I get to choose my own approach, with, of course, much guidance from other people in the company. I make my own research plans to analyze the sensor data and display it in a way that is useful. In every step of the process the output is improved little by little. I love working at SynTouch because I’ve gotten a very personal connection with the other workers, and the work I do could potentially end in a new application for the company’s products. Internships are always an incredible learning experience, and mine has certainly proven to be so.

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