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Electrical Engineering in My Own Words

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I came in to USC as an Undeclared Engineer, and at first I felt overwhelmed by the number of engineering options there were. Through advice from friends, Professors, and alumni (who I met through the Engineering Spotlight series at Viterbi), I declared Electrical Engineering (EE) in the beginning of my sophomore year.

The SeaBee - USC's AUV

USC Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Club

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This month, I decided to start a project with the USC Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Club (USC AUV). USC AUV is a student run club whose goal is to create an autonomous underwater vehicle that will compete in a yearly competition. The competition is called the International RoboSub Competition and is held in San Diego where TRANSDEC has a gigantic 300 …

Jordyn, my roommate, chowin down on a delicious meal

Feeding yourself at USC: Meal plans and kitchens

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Making the transition from high school to college can be intimidating, particularly because of all the new responsibilities that come with being more independent. For me, when I first came to college one of my biggest worries was the change in my eating habits. What I’ve found though, is that the food options at USC are numerous and it’s been …

Bandit - reppin USC!

My Favorite USC on Campus Inolvement: Research at the Interaction Lab

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Over the past two years I’ve been doing research at the Interaction Lab – a robotics lab on campus.  I got involved my freshmen year after I emailed Professor Mataric and went in to talk to a post-doc, Amin Atrash, who ended up being my mentor in the lab.  Amin has made my experience at the Interaction Lab such a …


My Favorite Class at USC this Semester: EE201 Intro to Digital Electronics

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I’m taking a lot of great Electrical Engineering classes this semester. My favorite lecturer this semester is Professor Choma from my EE348 Electronic Circuits class. His insistence on understanding concepts and not equations is just my style. But my favorite lab this semester is definitely EE201 Introduction to Digital Circuits.

The sunset at Coronado!

Junior Year!

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Junior year just started and I can’t believe how great all my Professors are this semester! I am taking three EE classes (two on Integrated Circuits and one on Computer Architecture), a statistics class, and a general education class (on changing family forms in Western culture, specifically the United States).


SynTouch LLC

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This summer I am working at a biotech company called SynTouch. The company grew from research conducted at Dr. Loeb’s research lab at USC, and many of the employees at the company are from USC. The company creates tactile sensors that emulate the human finger – “synthetic touch.” My job as an intern at SynTouch this summer has been to do a …