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Coming to a school where you don’t know anyone can be intimidating, but dorm life really helped me with that adjustment (which I’ll talk more about next week). After a semester in my dorm, I became hooked on the idea of sharing my living space with my friends, so I moved into my sorority!

My friends and I on the front porch of the ADPi house!

My friends and I on the front porch of the ADPi house!

After 5 semesters living in my sorority, I can’t imagine moving out. I absolutely adore having 57 other girls that live with me, that share their closets with me, and who will always listen to me when I want to talk. I also have really enjoyed being able to have engineering friends who I get lunch with and study with, and then coming home to a completely new group of friends to watch TV with and get dinner with. My sorority is also a perfect place for my classmates to come and study with me, since the house has both a study room and a group work room. Living in a house is really nice, because it’s some of the cheapest rent in LA, and I don’t have to worry about a landlord or the usual restrictions that come with apartment life. And having a porch swing, a chef, and a huge front lawn aren’t so bad, either.

We had a ferris wheel on our lawn to welcome the new members!

We had a ferris wheel on our front lawn to welcome the new members!

Finding a small group of friends in college is a really great way to feel at home and get to know more about the school. Girls in the house have welcomed me as a sister, and helped me join clubs and organizations that have broadened my group of friends even more. I definitely recommend finding a small organization, whether that be a sorority, a club, or a sports team, and making them your family away from home. And I definitely recommend living with people that you can consider your USC family, it’s been an amazing experience so far!




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