Exploring LA: The Getty Museum

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Hey everyone! After an awesomely busy parents’ weekend, I’m back to tell you guys about another one of my favorite places that I’ve found in Los Angeles: The Getty Museum! A scenic half-hour drive north of campus, it’s always a nice place to hang out with friends or visiting family.

A view of downtown LA from the museum!

A view of downtown LA from the museum!

The Getty Museum is in the Santa Monica mountains, just north of USC’s campus. It┬áhouses exhibits by famous artists, a van Gogh painting, a research institute, and a beautiful central garden. One of my favorite things to do is lay out a blanket on the hill overlooking the garden and eat lunch! ┬áThe Getty has plenty of places to get food and drinks, as well as places to sit overlooking the city and the gardens.

The gardens at the museum

The gardens at the museum

If the beautiful views, exhibits, food, and people watching aren’t enough for you, the museum is also free! You have to pay for parking in the lot, but if you carpool with friends it’s super cheap, and definitely worth the drive. It’s one of my favorite places to just go hang out or study, so I definitely recommend checking it out!




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