Take It From A Senior: Best Between-Class Spots

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During your time at USC, at some point you’re going to have that awkward schedule gap where you have a break between classes that leaves you with enough time to eat or grab coffee, but not enough to go all the way home. But luckily you’ll be at USC where there are enough lunch options that you can constantly switch up your meals, and find some cute study spots along the way.  On that note, here are my top spots on campus based on what you’re looking for:

Always lots of engineering study groups at RTH!

Always lots of engineering study groups at RTH!

For a cozy hideaway: The Dean’s List

The new cafe under the University Church building still seems to be a relatively well-kept secret, considering that there’s always plenty of tables for me to relax at while eating a panini and drinking fresh juice.  It has outdoor and indoor seating, and space heaters to keep you warm at night.  The Dean’s List is a small and welcoming place to relax, study, and grab a bite while you have some time to spare.

For the 10 minute break between Viterbi classes: RTH Cafe

Conveniently located in the center of the engineering school, RTH Cafe has a ton of coffee choices, sushi, sandwiches, snack foods, and even pad thai.  You can grab something and go if you have to run somewhere, and they have a microwave if you want to take a minute to heat your food up.  If you have a few more minutes to spare, I definitely recommend asking for a made-to-order sandwich or salad from the counter.  Treating myself to their pork banh mi sandwich on a hard day always makes everything better.

The Moreton Fig tree

The Moreton Fig tree

For celebrating with friends or seeing the parents: Moreton Fig

If you’ve got at least 45 minutes and you feel like you deserve a good meal, stop by Moreton Fig.  Attached to the campus center, it’s arguably the nicest spot on campus.  You can sit indoors and grab a bite and a drink, but I highly recommend sitting outside under the tree that gives the place its name.  There are umbrellas and strung lights and comfy couches, and it’s the perfect place to pretend you’re not stressed out.







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