Starting my Second Year in Chemical Engineering

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School is back in session! I am back and so excited for my second year of chemical engineering coursework. This semester I’m taking five classes: differential equations, thermodynamics, sustainability science, technology entrepreneurship, and analytical chemistry. One of my favorite parts about my major is that I am able to study chemical engineering and specialize in sustainable energy. I got to explore sustainability in my Writing 150 class last year, and this year I get to develop my understanding of sustainability through a GE class called Sustainability Science in the City. The best part of my sustainability GE is that we get to take field trips to a water treatment plant and the Port of Los Angeles. I also get to go do field work at the Ballona Wetlands freshwater reserve through my analytical chemistry course. We will be collecting water samples to analyze during our lab sessions, and I can’t wait to apply chemistry to real life situations.

A highlight of my second year was moving into a 4-person apartment in Webb Tower with some of my best friends from my first year at USC. No surprise, two of them are also chemical engineers! We have most of our classes together, and spend a lot of time helping each other with homework. Living with people in my major has been super important to my success in class, and it is always good to have friends that hold each other accountable.

This year, one of my goals was to explore LA and the USC area more often. So far I’ve been to a Dodgers game, tried Ebaes Ramen for the first time, and explored the Melrose Trading Post. There is always so much going on in Los Angeles, and taking the time to get off of campus and take a mental break from school is really important too. Good luck this year, Trojans!

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