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It’s official: I am one half of a real life engineer. Fall 2019 is in full swing on campus and I am excited to be back after a semester away in Brisbane, Australia.

This semester I am taking mostly upper division chemical engineering courses and one GE requirement. A course I’ve been dying to take is called CHE450 Sustainable Energy. It’s the first class towards my emphasis requirements in Sustainable Energy. It is going to be interesting to see the intersection of sustainability and chemical engineering. The GE course I’m in is ENGL176 Los Angeles: the City, the Novel, the Movie. As a two year LA resident I think it is so important to have a working knowledge of the history that made your home what it is. I’ll be looking at various works of literature, film, and media like music to look into LA’s rich history and how it is today.

Something I missed a ton while I was gone were my extracurricular activities! I can’t wait to see the people I consider family in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and maybe even get involved in a few new clubs. Fall semester is a great time to watch a Trojan football game, work hard in class, and try something new! It might still feel like summer weather, but fall is in full swing. Good luck this semester and fight on.

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