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You got into USC! Now what? After you Instagram your #IGotIntoUSC photo, I recommend making a packing list. To help get you started, here’s the one I used when I moved into Marks Tower last year. Planning ahead helped me avoid the long lines in the USC Village Target during move-in week. Check it out below! Make whatever changes you might need, and welcome to the Trojan Family.

Move-In Packing List:
-Foam mattress pad (the dorm mattresses are unforgiving on your back)
-Sheets and bedding
-Pillows and pillow cases
-Command hooks
-Desk lamp (you never know when your roommate will be shutting the overhead lights off before you’re done working)
-Over-the-door mirror
-A FAN (I got a small one that clipped onto my bed, but a lot of people bring real ones)
-Storage bins
-Small blanket
-Trash bags
-Disposable plates, bowls, utensils
-A coffee mug (also functions as a bowl)
-Reusable water bottle
-Hand towels
-Nail clippers (I almost forgot this one)
-Shower caddy
-Toothbrush and toothpaste
-Extension cord
-Flash drive
-School supplies!! (paper, pens, notebooks)
-A mini-stapler (not necessary, but the one thing I used way more than expected)
-All kinds of clothes (normal, workout, cold weather, and something professional)
-Pain reliever and first aid kit
-Cleaning supplies (clorox wipes will save your life)
-Laundry detergent and fabric softener

Other move-in tips and tricks:
-Bring some help! My mom and grandma came with me, they both helped make my dorm look like home.
-Be prepared for some chaos, everyone is trying to move in at once so be patient and get to campus early!
-Grab some tissues, your family is going to miss you and saying bye is harder than you realize
-Get ready to have fun! Introduce yourself to your roommate and meet other people in your building!

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