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Chemical Engineering, ’21
Denver, CO

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I’m Miranda, a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Sustainable Energy. Look for me around campus on my way to teach experiments for Science Outreach, at an event for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, computing molecular energies in the E-Quad for undergraduate research, or leaving Leavey Library after a late night study session. Ask me about any of my three different homes (Seattle, Denver, San Diego), and I’ll tell you how you can still drink coffee, go snowboarding, or hit the beach when you’re a USC student.
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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

SHPE helped me network with corporate sponsors, connected me with people in my major, and gave me a group of students that I consider my “familia”.
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Science Outreach

I get to teach exciting science experiments to a classroom full of 3rd graders every week! They love exploring forces with paper airplanes and becoming chemists when we make lava lamps.
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When I get that itch to escape downtown, I immediately check what hiking trips are available through SCoutfitters! Whether it’s a quick day-trip, and overnight camping trip, or extended backpacking trip, I can always count on finding an opportunity to go outside.
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My Major: Chemical Engineering

How did I pick my major?

I chose my major by looking at which subjects and career fields I was interested in. Science and math led me to engineering, and the application of those subjects to fields such as energy or cosmetic chemistry led me to chemical engineering.

My Favorite Classes

I got to take my first major class Introduction to Chemical Engineering and immediately loved it! All of my background knowledge in chemistry, math, and physics came together for the first time to help me solve engineering problems about mass and energy balances.

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My #ViterbiLife

This is my #ViterbiLife

Favorite LA Spots

Open 24 hours in the heart of DTLA, plus they serve breakfast that whole time. Need I say more?

My Netflix Obsessions

  • I fast-forward to the segments with Dwight. If you’re interested, try Season 5 Episode 14.

  • When I’m missing my siblings, I’ll turn on this show to laugh at the antics of the three siblings: Louise, Tina, and Gene.

Favorite USC Tradition

My favorite USC tradition is kicking the pole for good luck on the way to the Coliseum to watch Trojan football! When I toured USC for the very first time my tour guide did it, and the tradition stuck with me.

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