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Aerospace Engineering
Class of ’18

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Hi! I’m Michael, I’m majoring in Aerospace Engineering and I’m from Seattle, Washington. Around campus, I can be found in the Rocket Propulsion Lab,  skating around campus with Longboard SC, or starting a company with the LavaLab tech incubator. I’m also in a social fraternity and a professional aerospace organization called AIAA. If I’m not on campus, I’m training with the USC Climbing Team, skiing at Mammoth Mountain, or dancing at one of LA’s many concert venues. Over the summer, I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain with the Viterbi Summer Overseas program. Make sure to check out my blog posts to hear more about USC! Fight on!

My Favorite Places in LA


I am a member of LavaLab, a tech startup incubator group where we form teams of engineers, computer scientists, designers, and business students to start a company in a semester. We bring a tech product through the design and prototype phases with a student team to practice hardware development, teamwork dynamics, and entrepreneurship skills needed to start a business
The Rocket Propulsion Lab is a completely student led design group where we design, manufacturer, and fly solid propellant rockets. I focus on the fabrication techniques of our completely carbon fiber motor cases and fins which are meant to handle the intense heat, pressure, and speed of the vehicles
I am the president and founder of the longboard club where I teach students how to skate safely, shred the local hills, and spread my excitement for cruising on a skateboard

My Major at USC: Aerospace Engineering

My Favorite Classes
I’m learning how to use Siemens NX to 3D model mechanical parts and assemblies with specialized CAD tools. For a class project, a team and I designed a fully functional Go-Kart and engineer block which was more fun than work!
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My Tips for You

"Choosing" A Major

When you apply for a major, don't choose something just because you believe it will set you up for a successful career. Instead, choose a major you're truly excited about and the success will follow. Also, don't worry you can always change your mind later

Application Essays

Pick an essay topic that you like talking about, not what you think colleges want to hear. I wrote my essay about skateboarding which better illustrated how I spent my free time and made writing enjoyable rather than stressful.

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Two Truths and a Lie

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My Favorite Shows

  • The Sixties is a CNN Docuseries about the world’s cultural movements of the 1960s. The best part is they have incredible footage of some of the most influential moments in history.

  • Futurama is my guilty pleasure for nerdy humor. I’ve seen every episode 3 times for some reason. Fun fact: The writers have a collective 3 PhDs and proved a new math theorem just to write a single episode.