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Greetings! As I near the mid-way point in my summer, I think this is an excellent time to reflect on my experience with the east coast.  Having grown up most of my life from California, I am used to the typical summer: dry heat, swimming pools, absent clouds and great company.  After living in the Washington DC / Virginia area the only thing the two coasts have in common is great company.  That being said, there are so many interesting and cost-effective activities in and around the D.C. area that most if not all states cannot offer.  Aside from my work, I have had the opportunity to visit more museums in a few weekends than I have my entire life.  There is a constant barrage of national artifacts, landmarks, and heritage in this area.  The only downfall is the humidity and rampant thunderstorms.  However, I have come to believe that you eventually become accustomed to the heat and humidity OR you accept the fact that you will sweat through your clothing.  I sadly am leaning towards the latter.  Still, for anyone not familiar with the Nation’s Capitol, I would definitely recommend the historic spots along National Mall, Library of Congress, Botanical Garden, etc.  Yet I feel the best experiences I have had result from participating in more local events:  Dupont Fresh Farms Market, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Malcolm X Park drummers, and a variety of other small niches littered along the metro lines throughout Washington DC.  I even got a chance to witness the fireworks around the Washington Monument on the Fourth of July and eat at the Gaylord Hotel, the largest hotel in the D.C. area.  Not only that, but I have met a bunch of fellow Trojans along the way!  The list includes, an intern for a United States Senator, an intern for a United States Congressman, and an employee at the Department of Justice.  For those of you who are hesitant about the Trojan Network, I have never felt a comradery like I did after meeting these people.  There is almost an instant connection between Trojans “abroad” that other schools simply do not compare to.  What better way to network than to be introduced to another individual by a fellow Trojan.  An interesting fact: Barron Hilton of Hilton Hotels was a Trojan too! Fight On and have a fantastic summer!

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