Astronautical Engineering
Class of 2015
Sacramento, CA
It’s classified.
Since joining RPL, I have flown 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch diameter rockets reaching over 60,000 feet with some rockets even simulated for over 300,000 feet and traveling at Mach 4+. In the lab, I have worked with composite materials like carbon fiber, fiberglass, G10, and Kevlar and their associated properties—each material playing a role in the final design and fabrication.
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Hi! I’m Markus, senior studying Astronautical Engineering. I am involved in numerous activities and student organizations ranging from the USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory, and Engineers Without Borders to co-founding Sigma Eta Pi USC’s Professional Entrepreneurship Fraternity and SC Outfitters (USC Outdoors Club). Wanna know more about these #ViterbiOrgs? Explore my page!

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