Finally- A Summer in LA!

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Happy end of the semester at USC! The time has really flown by this semester, but I am really stoked for this summer. For the first time, I’ll be spending my summer at USC, and I couldn’t be happier to spend some more time at this school I call home. When I was in Germany last semester, I really did miss USC and so I planned on spending the summer here in the nice SoCal sun. On-campus research is a great way to do this!

I love hiking in SoCal... this is Potato Chip Rock in San Diego!

I love hiking in SoCal… this is Potato Chip Rock in San Diego!

I am going to be doing full-time research in the Chemical Engineering department under Dr. Roberts. It was surprisingly easy- he sent out an email asking for CHE students interested in doing paid research with him over the summer, and I sent him my resume. I went to go interview with a PhD student who would be my advisor, and he liked my previous experience at a start-up biotechnology company and research in the Biomedical Engineering department at USC! So this summer, I’ll be doing cancer diagnostic research through the chemical engineering department. I think the most exciting part is that the focus isn’t as pre-medical as my previous research experience. Since I have shown interest in pursuing a PhD, this summer will be key for me to figure out if that is what I will pursue when I graduate. Plus, so many of my friends will be around this summer, and I intend to explore LA and spend some quality time at the beach.



Also, I am excited to say that I am in the midst of co-founding a club called QuEST, which is an affiliate chapter of oSTEM. Currently, our really cool Center for Engineering Diversity provides resources to women, African American and Hispanic engineering students, and I am helping to include LGBTQ in that mixture! oSTEM is a national organization that supports queer students in STEM fields, and our chapter is under them. I am working to integrate QuEST as a resource for other students who need a queer-friendly space to discuss issues like coming out in the workplace, the relevance of sexuality in engineering, and maybe even a place to meet others. I am currently working with other students on a constitution, leadership roles, and I am happy to serve as the president for next year! This summer will be a bit of work, but I am hoping to push into the fall semester with a resource for incoming students who are interested. Be on the lookout for us at the Viterbi Luau!

At the Viterbi Awards with John, who is the other co-founder of QuEST at USC!

At the Viterbi Awards with John, who is the other co-founder of QuEST at USC!


I hope that Viterbi Voices has been helpful with your college decision, and that the next few stressful days of decision-making are rewarding! Have a wonderful summer 🙂

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