Frisbee Player. Tutor. Chemical Engineer!

Makana, Chemical Engineering, Class of 2015

Hi, I’m Makana! KrulceMakana400x400I’m currently a junior studying Chemical Engineering at the Viterbi School of Engineering. I am from Solana Beach, California, which is about two hours south of USC.

The first time I visited USC was at the beginning of senior year, and the entire college application process was just kicking off, with schools being judged on academics, sports, location, extracurriculars, and other seemingly-important factors. The day I wandered around campus was sunny, and though the campus was beautiful, I mostly noticed the tangible energy and excitement throughout the student body. I wanted to be part of that spirit. USC was the first and only school I could seriously picture myself attending. I went so far as to sit in on two classes that day, eat lunch at the Campus Center, and meander through Trousdale like a true Trojan.

Since that day, USC has provided me with opportunities to tutor math in underprivileged areas, play Ultimate Frisbee, mentor teenage girls and work as a peer tutor at the Viterbi Academic Resource Center. I have gotten to meet intelligent and animated students, study challenging subjects and be a part of the cohesive Viterbi School of Engineering. I love the Viterbi community for its balance of downright nerdiness with playful enthusiasm, and I know that students graduate with communication and business skills that will make them successful. The reason why I liked USC over a year ago still holds true today: the spirit and community.

If you have any questions about the application process, involvement at USC, residential life, or just life in general, send me an email or a tweet. If you are considering USC, I would strongly encourage you to visit when school is in session, since that is the best way to see if it is a good fit for you. Good luck with your college process and I look forward to seeing you on campus!


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Research Involvement

Research Assistant in the USC Biomedical Engineering department in cardiovascular endothelial dynamics

Work Experience
I work as a Calculus tutor at the VARC, which is a free tutoring service for Viterbi students. I get to provide one-on-one tutoring to engineering students who need help outside of lecture and discussion.

Why I Love LA
The interesting niches to explore! I love wandering around Korea-town and getting authentic boba, or stumbling upon a cool upscale Brazilian restaurant in the middle of downtown LA. I especially like seeing Shepard Fairey’s artwork all through Los Angeles. 

Hobbies & Interests
Ultimate Frisbee, longboarding, skiing, Sudoku, Big Bang Theory, baking, going to the beach and FOOD.