Winning the first KIEUL Choice Award for "Rookie of the Year"!

My Senior Year QuEST Adventure!

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It’s crazy to think that I’ve only got a couple weeks here to finish off my senior year. Thankfully, I will be back next semester to continue on with my education, and I recently got accepted to the PDP program for Chemical Engineering! I’m still making some decisions, but I am excited for the possibility of continuing to study engineering …

Here I am, asking a very important question to a very important person! Find out who next week!

#Throwback to OUBC 2014: Part 1

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Happy Monday! Since I mentioned last week that I’m working at PwC this summer, I thought I would explain a little bit about how I got into consulting. Well, it kinda started with Will, who was one of my mentors a few years ago. He was also a ChemE major, and now works in New York City for PwC! Anyway, …

Guess I need to buy some business clothes for this summer! No actually, this is like my only business outfit.

Chemical Engineering: A Major of Opportunities

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It’s funny how my definition of what chemical engineering has changed throughout my years here. Not drastically, of course, but I keep expanding my definition of where a degree in chemical engineering can take me. I keep finding out that I have opportunities in things like consulting and business, which I never really considered before! It’s exciting to find more …


A Very LA Weekend

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This weekend, I went on an adventurous hike in the Santa Monica Mountains and went to Urth Café for mint boba and artisanal pizzas. Trust me, this is as LA as it gets. But before I jump into that, I’m sure you’ve seen some posts about Viterbi Ball. I had an amazing time, and it was great going with my …

This was a smoky BBQ rub on the tofu with quinoa!

Cooking in College– Tofu Edition

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Though I am not actually a vegetarian, I tend to cook on the meatless side because it ends up being cheaper and a little healthier. Betty and I always do our Ralph’s runs during the weekend to stock up on food items that we can’t get at Fresh&Easy, and that’s where I usually buy my staples like peanut butter and …

My roommates and I during our sophomore year! Our living room was pretty big...

My USC Housing Experience

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Oh man, it’s hard to think about freshman year! I’m feeling a little old right now trying to think back to living in a dorm with my closest friends. Since I’ve blogged a couple times about my freshman housing already, my experiences might be a little outdated. But here, have a #tbt picture so you can see a snapshot of …

Just one more picture... So beautiful!

Hiking Around Los Angeles

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Happy Monday! As I said last week, I’m going to talk about my hiking adventures around Los Angeles. Since the weather here is basically always perfect, hiking is a popular activity around here. You’ve probably heard of the Hollywood Sign hike, but if not, check out this blog to find out more! I’m going to talk about some less common …

Because of the CA drought, they actually turned off the water for this feature... But it still looks amazing!

My Last Winter Break, and Looking Forward!

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Happy Spring semester! I have so much to look forward to for this last spring semester here at USC, and it’s definitely going to be bittersweet. I have a full schedule of chemical engineering classes, I added a German language class (though I already went abroad to Germany), and I am continuing with my research! It’s going to be a …

Fighting on!

My Senior Fall Semester!

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So, apparently it’s my senior year… What?! Where did the time go? I don’t think I’m ready to admit that I’m graduating soon. Thankfully, I have a pretty solid bucket list for my last couple semesters here, so I hope to finish this year. This semester is going to be pretty exciting. I have quite a busy senior year schedule …

A peek into my triple in Birnkrant! This is the large social room that we had.

My USC Housing Freshman and Sophomore Year!

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Happy post-Oscars Monday! This week, we’re blogging about our freshman year housing at USC, which is bringing back some crazy fun memories. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I lived on campus in Birnkrant… time sure does fly. Last year, I specifically blogged about the Birnkrant triple, which is super useful when you are ranking your choices. Don’t …

Perfectly instagrammed.

My First Time At Bottega Louie

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  It’s kinda embarrassing that I’m a junior and, until a week ago, never been to Bottega Louie. I have heard way too much about it, from the macaroons to the delicious food, to the wonderful venue… and it was time to actually check it out myself. And after being away from LA for awhile, I find the need to …

URap is held in the University Religious Center, which is this lovely building right here!

Monday Nights: URap and Open Mic Night!

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Hi guys! It’s about that time of the semester when you begin establishing your weekly routines – the lunch dates, the workout times, the fun stuff, it all gets added to the list of classes and work hours. Mondays kinda get a reputation for being a drag, but I do my best to avoid that! I actually only have a …


Back From Germany and Starting A Great Semester!

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Aaaand I’m back! Hey everyone! As much as I miss my crazy adventures in Germany, it is good to be home at USC. I spent the last semester and summer working at Evonik Industries in Darmstadt, and I could not have asked for a better experience. Getting to work in industrial chemical engineering for six months, while being part of …

I can't believe I work here... but wait until it starts snowing in winter :P

Co-op At Evonik Industries in Germany!

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Hallo aus Deutschland! Okay that was basically the extent of my conversational German, since having landed here last month. I have officially finished my third week of work at Evonik Industries in Darmstadt, Germany, and I’m loving it. There’s just something about living in the tiny SoCal microcosm for your whole life, and then just moving to Germany for six …