Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology)
Class of 2015
Solana Beach, CA
I’ve tutored Calculus and Chemistry at the VARC since I was a freshman. I really like the mentoring and leadership opportunities, as well as being able to help my fellow peers. ¬†It’s a great on-campus job to have!
I do research in the Chemical Engineering department with mRNA display. My project involves optimizing translation efficiency with DNA sequences using the 5′ UTR region. I also spent a summer working in the lab full time!
I spent six months working at a chemical engineering company in Germany called Evonik! I worked on Plexiglas manufacturing, and working on an extraction column for our product.

Hey, I’m Makana and I’m a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering! Within Viterbi, I tutor Calculus at our academic resource center, and I do research in the Chemical Engineering department with optimization of mRNA display. I am the president of Queers in Engineering, Science and Technology (QuEST) and play on the Ultimate Frisbee team. I also spent six months working in Germany at Evonik Industries with Plexiglas manufacturing. Have fun checking out Viterbi Voices!

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