My Three-Part Theory on How To Survive Junior Year And Still Be A Somewhat Normal Person

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School is back and in full swing. I can’t believe that it is already my junior year! That is both an exciting and somewhat scary prospect. This semester marks the beginning of all of my major CE courses including Fluid Mechanics, Theory of Steel Structures, Design of Steel Structures, Mechanics of Materials and Engineering Law, Ethics and Finance. Those will certainly take a lot of my time. But I have other duties, too. I am the Social Media Specialist for Society of Women Engineers and a Viterbi Student Ambassador. I am also continuing my work-study job as a Viterbi Undergraduate Admission intern.

So, with a tough course load in addition to my extra-curriculars and job, and, wait, maybe a social life– how am I going to manage all these aspects of my life and not go crazy?

I have a three-part theory. If it doesn’t work, I am transferring to Los Angeles Community College next year. But seriously, my three-part strategy is:

1.)  Manage My Time Well—Yeah, yeah, it’s easy to say, but hard to do. The main idea is to make sure to devote some time each week to just look ahead and try to see what sorts of homework, projects, meetings, work, etc. you are going to have to do in the coming weeks and month. Everyone hates it, but it works. Also, plan for breaks. Too much studying at one time does not allow for the brain to absorb the maximum amount of information. I have found that yoga is a great way to take a break, get my mind off things and just relax.

2.)  Keep Calm & Carry On – With so much happening all the time, it is hard to stay focused and calm. One of the main things I do to keep everything organized and on time is to make to-do lists. It helps when I accomplish a task to check it off my list, which in turn makes the list shorter and much less terrifying. Confidence is key when it comes to stress from school – believing you can do it actually helps!

3.)  Have Fun! – The realization that I only have two more years left at SC is terrifying! So I want to make sure that I am not only working hard but that I also enjoy my time here and make memories that I will look back on and smile when I am older.

With my friend Tara at the Washington State game!

With my friend Tara at the Washington State game!

Luckily, I have great professors this year and I am very interested about what I am learning! I have also been able to apply what I have learned at my internship this summer at Kiewit. This experience has particularly helped me get a head start in my mechanics of materials lab.

Testing the tensile strength and rupture point of Aluminum and A36 Steel samples in Mechanics of Materials Lab

Testing the tensile strength and rupture point of Aluminum and A36 Steel samples in Mechanics of Materials Lab


And as always, I am looking forward to the football season. Fight on! -Maisie

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