Helpful Solutions to New Years Resolutions: USC Edition

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Although not the most original, my new years resolutions were to get more active, save money and eat healthier this semester. As a full time student with a job, it is hard to make time and effort for these changes. But I have a plan! Here are two of the ways that I am changing around my semester.

Group Exercise Classes at the Lyon Center

The Lyon Center offers group exercise classes that range anywhere from Zumba to Nike Training Club and even Cardio Funk! Each class is only an hour long – which is perfect for my busy schedule! Unfortunately my schedule limits which classes I can attend but there are classes early in the morning and late at night. The first week of every semester is Free Week at the Lyon Center, which gave me a chance to try out any of the classes I was interested in. My two favorite classes were SCycling (spinning class) and Yoga. Yoga is great for relaxing and unwinding. It also helps loosen muscles and increases core strength. Spinning could not be more different than yoga. Because spinning is fast paced and high intensity, a person can typically burn 500-700 calories in an hour class. It’s a hard class but the instructor at USC is great! His music selection is awesome, each workout is different and he makes the class fun! With the group exercise membership, I can attend as many classes a week as I want. I plan on taking yoga twice a week and SCycling twice a week. These classes are a great way to stay active and release some stress – I would highly recommend them to anyone!


Lyon Center

Regular Trips to Ralphs Grocery Store

Instead of eating out during the week – whether at the campus center in between classes or off campus for dinner with friends – I am going to make an effort to cook and grocery shop more. It saves money and calories! Although cooking is a little more time consuming, I plan on taking the time to plan my meals ahead and pack my lunches. After a little help from my parents and roommates, I have found some great meals that are easy to prepare and will keep well if refrigerated.  Healthy lasagna, chicken pesto pasta salad, a simple brussels sprouts, onions and pecans dish and a chopped salad are just a few. Despite this new years resolution, I am going to make an exception for the weekends and continue exploring restaurants in downtown LA. Last weekend I saved a few bucks and tried Bahn Mi My Tho, a Vietnamese sandwich place in Alameda – it was delicious and my pulled pork sandwich was only $3!

Located only a block away from me!

Located only a block away from me!

Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwich

Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwich


Good luck to all with New Years resolutions!

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