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Maisie, Civil Engineer, Class of 2015

Hey there! My name is Maisie and I am currently a sophomore civil engineering student from Austin, Texas.

I have lived in Austin my whole life (It’s still my favorite city, sorry LA!) but when it came to start my college search, I knew that I wanted to get out of Texas and be somewhere completely new and different. I wanted an adventure. Once I realized I wanted to study engineering, I began to look at the top engineering schools in the country. Not only did the university have to have a top- ranked engineering school, but it also had to fulfill my giant list of requirements, which included:

__ an urban location – bonus points if in a geographically interesting place
__ a diverse student population
__ a good football team
__ well-rounded academics
__ high percentage of women enrolled in engineering
__ school spirit
__ good weather

Once I found USC, did my research and visited the campus on Admitted Student day, I discovered that I was able to put a check mark next to every item on my list. It was everything I was looking for and so much more. I thought it then and I still believe that the University of Southern California and the Viterbi school are the perfect match for me. But what I love most about USC is something I have discovered only since coming here: its wonderful student population. Everyone here is obviously smart. But what is not obvious to outsiders is how involved, motivated, social, kind and well rounded. I am truly honored to be surrounded by such an outstanding group of peers. They constantly push me to work harder and be more involved. I currently work in the Viterbi Admission Center and also serve as the head of social media in the Society of Women Engineers External Relations Officer Council.

Please feel free to explore the website, twitter pages, student blogs and even watch the webcasts! If you have any questions about USC or Viterbi, please email or tweet me, I can’t wait to hear from y’all!


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About Me

Civil Engineering


 Class of 2015

Society of Women Engineers | CMAA SPARKS Design Build Team 

Internship Experience

Over the summer I was an intern field engineer at Kiewit Offshore Services working on offshore oil rig platforms. Check my blog for more details!

Why I Love LA
Needless to say, the weather is great, but my favorite thing about L.A. is the diversity of culture. All of the different types of food, people, music, even geography located in one place, its incredible. 

Hobbies & Interests
In my free time I enjoy baking, hiking, listening to music, crafting, watching and playing sports as well as enjoying the outdoors.