Viterbi Ball 2015!

Lyssa Aruda-2015 Chemical, Viterbi Life, Viterbi Plus Leave a Comment

Blogged while watching the Amazing Race!

This Friday, the greatest event of the year occurred- Viterbi Ball!! Think of prom for engineers, it’s a night where we all get dressed up and go dancing and have fun! It’s a great break from studying and it’s really cool to see all my favorite engineers out together.

Viterbi Ball is also the culmination of EWeek- which was an incredible success this year.  I went to so many fun events including the kick off carnival (YAY FREE DIPPIN DOTS!), a speaker from Facebook, a Zumba class, and volunteering with local high school students for Discover Engineering Day! Overall EWeek is a week to celebrate all the aspects of engineers and bond together- and I only attended a small selection of the events.

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