USC in a Word: Spirited

Lyssa Aruda-2015 Why USC Leave a Comment

USC is an amazing place for a lot of reasons, but my favorite part is the spirit and enthusiasm that pervades the campus.  Everyone is always genuinely excited a. to simply be a Trojan, and b. about all the cool things they are doing on campus.  Be it research, extra curriculurs, sports, design teams, classes, etc, everyone on campus seems to be passionate about something they are working on.  It is wonderful to be surrounded by people who are so enthusiastic about their interests, dreams, and desires, and also so willing to help others realize their dreams.  People help others at USC and get involved in whatever projects also interest them. The spread of ideas and varying perspectives is also really helpful to gain great insights on projects.

Beyond people being excited about their own projects and involvement, students at USC have more school spirit than I could have ever imagined.  Especially apparent on gamedays, when the entire campus becomes a sea of cardinal and gold and students from across every grade level and discipline come together with the common purpose of rooting for our team, school spirit is certainly an integral part of student life here.  Not many other schools offer a network that extends so globally and on such friendly terms.  I wear USC gear almost everywhere I go, especially in airports, and there is always someone else with a hat or sweatshirt ready to tell me to fight on.  That simple exchange really proves that being a Trojan means more than an education, it’s about joining a family.  I love that aspect of USC: everyone is here because they love it here, and that is something that really lasts forever.

There are obviously a ton of other reasons I love USC, from size, weather, location in LA, and rigorous academic environment, but the spirit of the people who go here is truly magical.

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