The Pizza Studio: USC’s Best New Eatery

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This weekend I ventured down Figueroa to try the newest restaurant near USC with my roommates: The Pizza Studio!  I’ve heard amazing things, but didn’t want to get my expectations too high because then there’s the chance of disappointment.  Located in Icon, the newest apartments for upperclassmen right across the street from USC, The Pizza Studio is basically the Chipotle of pizza.

First, you choose your crust, then your sauce and cheeses, then unlimited toppings from over 40 items.  It’s definitely a little overwhelming at first, but you can try everything if you want, so even though I hate making decisions it wasn’t too bad.  The highlight was definitely the balsamic glaze at the end, or maybe the rosemary herb crust, or even the pesto sauce… I actually can’t decide.

Anyway an entire pizza is only $8 and they make it right in front of you, plus they have a killer rewards program.  I’m definitely going to be eating an absurd amount of pizza after this discovery!


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