Summer Internship at Quantumsphere

Lyssa Aruda-2015 Viterbi Summer Leave a Comment

Hey guys! This summer I’ve had the awesome opportunity to intern at Quantumsphere Inc. in Orange County and I’ve loved my experiences there so far.  The area I’m working in is with zinc air batteries which use nano manganese to increase efficiency.  I’m working in the research and development department, and have been working with the scientists and 2 other interns from USC to decide which combination of materials gives the best results.  I work in the lab every day, and I’ve gained so much valuable hands on experience.  There is tons of cool equipment and other projects going on too.  Everyone who works there is really smart and it is great to pick their brains and learn a lot from their experiences.  Being a smaller company, I’ve also had the opportunity to learn from the executives on the business side.  I’ve enjoyed that aspect as well because there are many different concerns for a company versus work in a research lab.  The company also fosters new ideas and creativity and encourages us to always try new and different techniques to do things better.  I’ve definitely learned a lot here and gotten to see the entire process from beginning to end.


Outside of work, I’ve also been having some fun exploring Los Angeles and Orange County.  Some of my favorites so far have been the Huntington Library, adventures to the tide pools and beach, and a spectacular Fourth of July with the family.  I’ve definitely had a well balanced summer between work and fun, and there’s always so much to do in the area!

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