My Freshman Dorm: New North!

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Happy March Everyone!

Freshman housing is always a concern for students coming to USC.  I remember being so overwhelmed by all the choices and getting a roommate and everything, and I ended up being so happy with my housing!

New North is a traditional dorm style, with communal bathrooms and halls separated by girls and guys.  I wanted to live in New North because it was really close to the libraries, the dining hall EVK, and a few other freshman dorms so it seemed like a lot of my friends were nearby even if they weren’t in the same building!  Being close to the dining hall was the best because I could make USC waffles anytime I wanted.

Finding a roommate can also be scary too, and I got very lucky with mine.  We met through the admitted students Facebook group and ended up being best friends! I’ve now lived with her for three years!

First Time Meeting My Roommate!

First Time Meeting My Roommate!

Living in the dorms was an amazing experience.  You get to meet so many people so quickly, especially because everyone was super friendly and left their doors open all the time.  It can be a tight space, but decorating the room was one of my favorite parts, and we discovered tons of tricks throughout the year.  My best advice is to get a brita water filter because I felt like we were always thirsty and we used it all the time!  I also brought my easy bake oven from childhood and we made pizookies a lot.

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After freshman year, I lived a block off campus in Troy Apartments, and this year I’m living in my sorority house which has been a really amazing experience! No matter where you end up living though, it’s a time when you really have the chance to meet a lot of new awesome people!

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