My Favorite Place in LA: Food, Culture, and Fun!

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Hey guys!

Thinking about my favorite places in LA was very challenging as I get off campus  A TON and also grew up near LA, so I have a lot of places I enjoy in LA.  I decided to break down my favorites into a couple of categories- food, culture, and fun- to make it easier!

Food- I’m a huge foodie- trying new restaurants is my favorite thing to do on the weekends- so here are some of my favorite places I’ve found.

  1. Wurstkuche- About 10 minutes from school in the arts district, this is the place to go for adventurous eaters.  Exotic sausages ranging from rattlesnake to pheasant are the cuisine of choice here, and they also have the best truffle french fries ever.
  2. Wood Spoon- You would never find this place if you didn’t know about it, but it’s located in Downtown. It has bomb Brazilian food, and the passion fruit cream for dessert is to die for.
  3. Panini Cafe- Panini is a cute little Mediterranean cafe in Downtown.  It’s perfect for lunch on the weekends, and the hummus is to die for! USC students also get a discount which makes every meal better!

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Culture-  Art museums are one of my favorite places to pass the time on my days off, especially since I’m an art history minor, and they are just amazing places to spend the afternoon!

  1. The Getty Museum- Located at the top of the hill in LA, the Getty has views for days, beautiful gardens, and some of the most fantastic art in the world.  My favorite is Bernini’s Boy with a Dragon!
  2. The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens- A little bit of an adventure from USC, the Huntington is the prettiest space in LA.  It has gardens representing the types of plants found from around the world, outstanding art, and a ton of old books- including original copies of Newton and Darwin!

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Fun!- There are so many ways to have fun around USC too, and these are just some of my old go tos!

  1. The beach! There are tons of choices from Malibu to Venice to Santa Monica and they are all outstanding.  I love going to the beach to tan, study, or just have fun, and it is definitely something that is signature to the LA experience.
  2. Shopping in the Fashion District- The fashion district is only a couple of blocks from USC, and they have the best deals on all clothes, and always have the latest trends and what’s up and coming.  They get their clothes from wholesalers, and often times I see the same shirts I get in the fashion district at my local mall 6 months later and for twice the price!
  3. Griffith Park Observatory and Hollywood Sign hike- another LA signature activity, Griffith Park has a really awesome space museum and the hike is beautiful.  My favorite is to go the day after it rains (yes it does rain in sunny Southern California!) because that’s when the air is the cleanest and the views are the best!

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There’s a million and one other things to do in LA too- from malls to famous sites to amusement parks, and this list barely begins to scratch the surface, but these are definitely some of my favorite places I’ve found out and about in LA so far!



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