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This semester, I had some extra units in my schedule and decided to add in something fun.  As much as I love my math, science, and engineering classes, it is a lot of left brain thinking and it would be very overwhelming to have a full schedule of just technical classes.  I chose to take yoga this semester because it is only 1 unit so it doesn’t really take away from my engineering courses and it sounded like a good way to relax and get a little exercise in.  So far, this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to USC.  I’m taking this class in the morning, so it helps me wake up and relax before a busy day and get my mind off any stress from my week.  It has also helped me get back into a routine with a semblance of working out; something I have definitely neglected since coming to school.  After having such a nice break from all my technical classes, I definitely am going to make a fun one or two unit class a priority addition to my schedule.  Next semester, I’m already planning on adding International Ballroom Dance, which I have heard great things about!

What I wish I looked like during class (although I probably don’t =P)

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