Liquid Nitrogen: How ChemE’s make Ice Cream

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This week, AIChE (The American Institute of Chemical Engineers-USC Branch) had our first meeting.  This was really exciting because I’m on the board this year (as the Freshman Relations Officer) and we have been planning this event for a while now so it was great to be able to share all the things we have planned for the year.

We wanted to do something really cool for our first meeting, so we decided to make ice cream chemE style- with Liquid Nitrogen! I’m not going to lie liquid nitrogen is one of my favorite things ever and I’m so lucky I get to use it all the time in the lab I do research in.  Liquid nitrogen boils at a very low temperature, so it stays really cold- cold enough to make ice cream out of.  We combined cream, sugar, and vanilla just like you would for normal ice cream, and added the liquid nitrogen to freeze the mixture.  It tasted absolutely delicious and was also super exciting to make.  Definitely an ideal way to start off the semester in AIChE!

Science meets yummyness.

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