Going Home for a Weekend

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When I was applying to colleges, I knew I wanted to stay close to home.  I’m really close to my family, hate being away from my dogs, and honestly don’t think I would survive in weather much colder, so USC was a great option.  It’s about 45 minutes away from home so even though I’m definitely on my own, I know I can get home if I need to.

This weekend, I went home for one of my favorite family traditions, carving pumpkins.  We carve pumpkins every year, and Halloween wouldn’t be the same without doing this with my family.  My family gets super into every holiday and love to be festive.  We have traditions for every holiday and I’m lucky that I’m close enough to home to still get to participate in them. It was also really nice to get away for a day and play with my dogs and have my parents cook for me.  Being away has really made me appreciate the little things my parents do, and I can’t wait for an extended time there for Thanksgiving break!

The pumpkin I carved this weekend!


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