Freshman Housing: New North!

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Hi Everyone!

My freshman year I lived in New North Residential college in the North Area on campus! I had the absolute best time living there!

New North is dorm style housing which means that there are several rooms that share one bathroom and common area in a hallway.  I was lucky enough to have a room with a sink in it which was super convenient for things like brushing my teeth, but it was surprisingly easy to share a bathroom with a ton of people! My hall was all girls, and there were boys at the other end of the hallway that had their own set of bathrooms and common rooms!

Living in New North was really fun because everyone was very friendly.  Most people left their doors open all the time and it was a really conducive environment to meeting new people.  It was also conveniently located right above EVK, one of the dining halls for freshmen, so it was very easy to meet new people there as well!

EVK Waffles- my favorite breakfast freshman year!

EVK Waffles- my favorite breakfast freshman year!

I think one of the scariest parts of freshmen housing is the roommate search.  I was very lucky to have found my best friend in my roommate.  I was in a few Admitted Students Facebook Groups, and she messaged me one day telling me she knew the girl in my profile picture, and we talked for a while and decided to live together! We lived together for 3 years after that and are planning to move to an apartment when we graduate! I know a lot of people are nervous about their roommate and it doesn’t always work out this well, but in my experience everyone at USC has been awesome and I would love to live with them!

As a senior looking back, I would love to have the opportunity to live in freshman housing again, where you can find all your best friends in one convenient place, because as you get older you start to spread out and see some people a lot less.  It is an incredible experience to meet a lot of very diverse people.  I loved that there were people from all backgrounds and majors in my hall that I got to know! Also, your RA usually plans a lot of really cool events.  Ours always had study snacks during midterms, and I also went to a baseball game!

Hanging out in the dorms!

Hanging out in the dorms!

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