Art Lovers Dream: The Getty Villa

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Hey everyone! This week we are blogging about our favorite places in LA, and that for me usually involves food places but I blogged about my favorite eateries in LA last week!  This week I thought I’d focus on another one of my favorite things- art museums.  There is not shortage of great art in LA, from both Getty museums to LACMA to the Norton Simon and Huntington Libraries just to name a few, but my favorite by far is the Getty Villa.

The Getty Villa is owned by the Getty museum, but it is a separate location on a cliff in Malibu.  It is modeled after ancient Roman villas, and it contains all ancient art.  There are fantastic pieces from the Greek, Roman, and Etruscan periods as well as a few others, and the collection is immense and unrivaled.

The space itself is also beautiful.  There are awesome fountains, columns, landscaping, and the view of the ocean is unreal.  It’s a perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon, and dinner in Malibu after is always a nice perk.

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