Adventurous Eats: Wurstkuche

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Recently fellow VSA Gordy planned an outing for Freshman Academy Coaches (learn more about the Freshman Academy program here) to all have dinner in the arts district in Downtown Los Angeles.  We went to Wurstkuche (which I still cannot pronounce), an exotic german sausage restaurant.  I’ve eaten at other restaurants nearby, including Zip Fusion which has amazingly delicious sushi, and was really excited to try somewhere new.  The selection of exotic sausages was astounding: rattlesnake, crocodile, rabbit, pheasant, and endless combinations of those.  They had normal sausages too of course, but we all definitely wanted to try something out of the ordinary.  I’ve always been an adventurous eater and loved trying this exotic fare.

I tried two different flavors, sharing with Gordy, and also got the truffle glazed french fries. Everything was absolutely delicious- those might have been the best french fried I’ve ever eaten.  It was so much fun to explore another area of LA too.  The arts district is really hipster and adorable and there’s a ton of street artists and a really good vibe.  There are so many fun restaurants in the area and I’m really glad I got to experience one with great friends!

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