Luz Camacho

Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Class of 2021

Bell Gardens, California

Hi! I'm Luz, a junior studying Computer Engineering and Computer Science, hailing from Bell Gardens, California, a tiny city just 30 minutes from USC! On campus, I'm really involved with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), where I serve as Vice President of the membership committee, and as an undergraduate teaching assistant for our Introduction to Embedded Systems class. Outside of school, I've interned at a few places including NASA JPL, Facebook, and Google! As a local, I spend a lot of my free time exploring all the many things LA has to offer by visiting by visiting my favorite spots like the Santa Monica Pier and going to concerts at venues like the Echoplex and The Roxy.

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More About Me

My Favorite LA Spots

2 Truths, 1 Lie

My Involvements

  • I am the Vice President of the Membership Committee for SHPE-USC. SHPE’s (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) mission is to change lives by empowering the Hispanic community in STEM!

  • I am a member of USC’s chapter of the Society of Women Engineers! I served on the leadership team where I helped put on events aimed at enabling the women in STEM at USC!

  • The class I know TA for, EE109, Introduction to Embedded Systems, was my first exposure to hardware. Getting to build from scratch and have a working project you can mess with was super fun!

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 My Favorite Things About USC 

  • The legendary USC tailgate before every USC football game is my favorite school tradition. There is just something in being swept up in the outpouring school spirit and pride that even a person who knows nothing about sports like myself can find a lot of joy in, whether you’re there to to brag about Trojan football or just for there for the food.

  • The Center of Engineering Diversity is a place on campus that provides a home base for many minority engineering students at USC. The 24 hour study lounge has been a big help throughout my time at USC!

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My Major: Computer Engineering and Computer Science

     Why Computer Engineering and Computer Science?

Growing up, I had always been fascinated with planes. I played Microsoft Flight Simulator on almost a daily basis, and took the window seat next to the wing so that I could see all of the moving parts. I grew up under the airspace for landing planes of two separate airports, and I always look up when I am outside and a plane flies overhead. I knew I wanted to be surrounded by planes my whole life, but it wasn't until my first engineering class in eighth grade that I decided it would be through aerospace engineering. After doing a research project, I realized that aerospace engineering was the profession for me.

Passion in my Field


  • Augmented reality has broken into the mainstream with games like Pokemon Go and I’m excited to see where this field goes!

  • Technology is video games has been going through leaps and bounds recently and my gaming experience has never been better!

Passion in the Classroom 

My Favorite Courses

I took this class a free technical elective and haven’t looked back since! The labs are challenging but nothing is more fulfilling than playing a game at the end of the week that you you built!