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Once I finally settled on majoring in Mechanical engineering, I started worrying about what I wanted to minor in. I thought about my interests and took a look at the USC’s list of minors. I then realized I had a bit of a problem…

My interests besides MechE span from coding, electrical engineering, industrial and systems engineering, sociology, business, entrepreneurship, and more! Even though at USC, there are over 150 minors to choose one, I could not bring myself to commit to one single minor because of how vast my interests are spread out. After consulting with my academic advisor many times (thank you Taylor Relich for being so patient and accessible!), I decided I wanted to freeform my own supplementary course path. Instead of choosing one single minor, I want to pursue upper division classes in bunch of different fields that interest me. This semester, I will take CSCI 103 and EE 109 as free electives, and will take higher division EE and CS classes next semester, and they will also count as technical electives for my major.

Junior and senior year, I plan on taking sociology, business, and Industrial and systems engineering classes to supplement my tech heavy mechanical engineering curriculum. I think this is the optimal path for me because it will expose me to a bunch of different fields, which give me a well rounded academic experience!

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