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Mechanical Engineering, ’21
Dublin, CA

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I’m Loic, a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering with an interest in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. On campus, I am involved in the Formula SAE design team, which designs and builds a race car for high speed competition, am on the Center of Engineering Diversity Student Advisory Board where I provide input and organize events for underrepresented students, and I volunteer at A Place Called Home through JEP to tutor kids at a community center in South Central LA. This past summer, I interned at Intel in Silicon Valley as a Mechanical Engineering Intern. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring LA eateries, concerts, golfing, and cheering on the best football team in the country.
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Formula SAE

This design team builds, designs, tests, and competes a complete race car from scratch. The team is only composed of students who work in different units such as electrical, chassis, aerodynamics, and my group which is powertrain. Working together with people from different disciplines, experiences, to put together such a complex work of machinery is incredibly rewarding.
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A Place Called Home

I originally signed up for this through this organization called JEP, which coordinates USC students to do community service around LA. I was originally offered extra credit for one of my classes for this assignment, but I grew an attachment to this place so I decided to stay and continue working with mentors to help tutor underprivileged kids from LA’s South Central district.
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Center of Engineering Diversity

I am on the CED Student Advisory Board, which helps provide the Center with input from students on how to better run the organization and serve the need of underrepresented engineering students. We put on events, reach out to students, and foster a sense of community for students who feel out of place. I have met so many diverse and unique students through this org!
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My Major: Mechanical Engineering

How did I pick my major?

I originally was an ISE major when I came into USC. I was attracted to optimization and efficiency so I was interested in how I could pursue that in the future. But I quickly found that the major is too management oriented, and I wanted to study a field where I could get my hands dirty going into the weeds to design physical objects. I also found myself to really like the mechanics side of physics, so it was easy to narrow it down to Mechanical Engineering!

My Favorite Classes

When I took AP Physics in high school, I snoozed past the class and managed to get a good grade and a good AP test score. When I took Physics last semester, I had to put in ten times the amount of work to get a lower grade I got in high school, but it was much more satisfying. This real college physics stretched the boundaries of how I think abstractly and practically, and taught the value of studying in groups.

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My #ViterbiLife

This is my #ViterbiLife

Favorite LA Spots

Since I’ve come to USC, I’ve had an appreciation for korean food because of how close KTown is to campus. This joint is open 24/7 and serves piping hot spicy stews.

My Netflix Obsessions

  • This show tells the story of an unloveable C-list Hollywood celebrity, and his wild adventures ruining people’s days and trying to make up for it. The beauty of the show is in it social commentary and its colorful animations

  • This show tells the story of a powerful black woman in Washington DC who has extensive political influence and has works to battle the extensive corruption in our government. It also features a juicy love triangle!

Favorite USC Tradition

By far my favorite USC tradition is gameday. It is impossible to describe the feeling of possibly 100 thousand fans, all decked out in cardinal and gold, and united with the purposing of cheering on the football team and strengthening the bond between the Trojan family. From tailgating, to chanting fight songs in the students sections, there is nothing that can beat football Saturdays. Fight on!

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