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When I was choosing where to go for college, it wasn’t an easy decision. Ultimately, I was deciding between USC and another school known for its intense engineering program. Even after choosing USC, I was definitely apprehensive about my decision. But after spending almost two years here, it’s safe to say I’m incredibly happy! Here’s why:

    1. USC is not just an engineering school.  As you might know, USC is also well known for its film school, music school, dance school and communications school! Because it’s not an engineering-dominated university, I’ve been able to meet so many cool people from different disciplines. In fact, none of the 5 girls I currently live with are engineering majors, and it’s actually really refreshing to escape the CS bubble sometimes and connect with students outside your major.
    2. Thematic Option: One thing I knew coming into college was that I didn’t want to sacrifice my liberal arts education, despite studying engineering. Thematic Option gave me the opportunity to engage with my peers in small, discussion-based classes, and continue reading books on a regular basis. Some of my favorite classes at USC have been a part of the TO program! In addition, TO offers lots of other cool opportunities, taking you to everything from art museums to live performances to weekend camping trips.
    3. Size: Viterbi is unique in that it’s a relatively small engineering school, but USC itself is still large enough that you never run out of things to do or people to meet. In most of my CS classes, I’ve been able to receive lots of one-on-one help if needed.
    4. The campus: I’m sure you know this already, but USC’s campus is gorgeous and the weather is unbeatable. Maybe it was a bigger deal to me than to other people (I come from a town in the midwest where it’s either blazing hot or freezing cold), but I think everyone can appreciate being surrounded by palm trees and fountains.
    5. Scholarship: USC offers a strong support system for students through Trojan Scholar Society and the Academic Honors and Fellowships office to help you navigate the opportunities associated with your scholarship! In addition, being granted a scholarship definitely motivated me to work harder and make a bigger effort to immerse myself in USC classes and extracurriculars.
    6. The small things: there are SO many cool things going on at USC. A few of them: advance screenings of movies at SCA (Mark Hamill is coming to campus for a screening of “Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker”!!!), fireside chats with GT Dave, the “King of Kombucha”, opportunities to go on hikes with your professors, and so much more.
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