Study Spots around USC, Ranked

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Read on for a (personal) ranking of some study spots around campus!

5) SAL

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Notes: Also known as the Salvatori Computer Science building, SAL houses CS labs and office hours for undergraduate course producers and generally a lot of CS students as they work through assignments.

Pros: Easy access to CS help if you need it—my course producers hold office hours from 10am to 8pm almost daily!

Cons: ^ The only valid reason to be in SAL. The stress is palpable in the building and there’s also a lack of tables and space.

Rating: 2/10

4) Ronald Tutor Campus Center (round room)

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Notes: TCC houses a food court, Seeds marketplace, the Admissions Center and a number of classrooms / conference rooms. When you first walk in, you’ll find a round room with a ceiling that resembles roof of the Pantheon!

Pros: Pretty and generally quiet. Has comfy couches for naps in between classes. Study in one of the booths that line the room! Each one generally has its own outlet. Also close to coffee and food!

Cons: Not enough seats, and gets chaotic during admissions seasons when tours begin/conclude here.

Rating: 4.5/10—would stop here in between classes to do small assignments or reply to emails.

3) Doheny Library

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Notes: Doheny is centrally located and houses the book stacks!

Pros: Beautiful architecture, and feels like a college library that you would see in the movies! Offers a lot of different study spots in addition to the main reading room.

Cons: bathrooms are a trek down from the reading room, and there Is also a lack of outlets. Gets dark quickly in the evening.

Rating: 6/10

2) VPD

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Notes: VPD stands for Verna and Peter Dauterive Hall, which houses classrooms and various social science labs! It’s hidden behind the Sol Price building.

Pros: Easily one of the prettiest buildings on campus! Has microwaves, water bottle fillers and bathrooms on every floor! It also has two beautiful terraces if you ever need to take a break, and a small cafe.

Cons: Closes early and is locked on weekends. It can also get busy in the afternoons! Also difficult to remember what VPD actually stands for.

Rating: 7/10

1) Leavey Library

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Notes: Leavey Library sits on the edge of McCarthy quad and offers lots of study space—both for individual, silent work, and rooms for group meetings.

Pros: Open 24 hours (except for Saturdays), next to food (EVK) and coffee (Starbucks)! Lots of outlets and seating, and the view of campus is nice at sunset.

Cons: ALWAYS full. You might have to roam around before finding a table. If you want a study room for a significant period of time, book it a week in advance!

Rating: 8.5/10—some people refuse to step foot into Leavey, but I still think it’s the most convenient place to get work done!

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