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Coming from a small town, one of the things I was most excited about was the opportunity to explore LA! There’s definitely a lot to do here, from eating your way through Koreatown to exploring the beautiful beaches (yes, Santa Monica is not the only beach near LA). In the past few weeks, with school being less busy, I’ve gotten to enjoy visiting art—both in the forms of art museums and musicals/plays! 

Last weekend, I got the chance to go with my Thematic Option class to the Huntington Art Gallery and Library in Pasadena, which was an amazing experience. I vaguely remember visiting when I was 11, but I was way too young to actually appreciate the pieces of art. This time around though, we honed in on an exhibit entitled “Becoming America,” where each section of the gallery focused on a different type of art that played a role in defining early American culture. My personal favorite was the room of boxes (picture below)!

The weekend before that, my boyfriend and I went to see Frozen at the Pantages, which was actually the first Broadway show I’ve ever been to (albeit not in NYC). Going in, we both didn’t really know what to expect, but the performance turned out to be incredible. Plus, we got to stuff our faces with Shake Shack afterwards :).

Small excursions like these really made me want to go to more plays and performances, which is truly something you can’t experience at the same degree in a lot of other places. As mentioned earlier, it was an aspect of living in LA that I originally missed out on! But I’m excited to do more exploring in the upcoming months. Special thank you to Thematic Option (I know I talk about it incessantly) for helping make many of these trips much more accessible for students like me!

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