30 Things To Do While You’re Stuck at Home

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Much to my (and everyone’s dismay), USC announced that it would be finishing the rest of the semester via online courses. Even though it’s definitely a bummer, remember that social distancing is extremely important in helping to protect many of our loved ones! Here are some things I’ve done/or am planning to do (while being stuck in my house) to pass the time!

  1. Baking! Personally, I’ve been trying to perfect macarons!
  2. Practice calligraphy
  3. Re-read the Harry Potter series
  4. Re-watch the Harry Potter movies
  5. Board games!
  6. Reorganize your closet
  7. Follow a Bob Ross tutorial
  8. Try making a charcuterie board
  9. Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it’s released!
  10. Learn TikToks with your friends over ZOOM
  11. Binge-watch Masterchef
  12. Catch up on emails, clean out photos, or do other mundane things you neglected when you were busy
  13. Star Wars movie marathon!
  14. Follow an online Zumba class
  15. (Finally) learn how to play Fortnite (is that still relevant?)
  16. Learn embroidery or knitting!
  17. If you’re sad, watch Tangled and realize Rapunzel spent nearly all of her life locked up in a castle so YOU CAN DO IT
  18. Watch Peter Weber’s entire season of the bachelor (warning: painful)
  19. Actually teach yourself how to meditate
  20. If you have the motivation, catch up on homework!
  21. Treat yourself to a spa night and relax with face masks
  22. Build a blanket fort
  23. Learn how to properly put on eyeliner!
  24. Learn pig Latin
  25. Watch a cool documentary
  26. Leetcode if you really want to
  27. Keep clicking on the links in Wikipedia pages until you’re 30 pages in
  28. Make yourself an elaborate breakfast that you usually wouldn’t have time for
  29. Take an interesting online class from a different university!
  30. SLEEP!

In addition to these things, I’ve definitely been thinking about how to adjust my routine in preparation for the rest of the semester. It’s going to be tough for everyone—after all, we go to places like USC to interact with our peers and professors in classes. We go out to dinner with our friends, attend club meetings multiple times a week, and laugh with our roommates late into the night. While it’s important to stay physically apart from each other (at least for a while), it’s just as important to continue maintaining our connections with others! Don’t forget to FaceTime your friends and spend quality time with your family and pets <3

For updates on the COVID-19 situation at USC, please refer to the university’s official website: sites.usc.edu/coronavirus/

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