Lindsay Huang

Computer Science, Class of 2022

Urbana, Illinois

I'm Lindsay, a sophomore studying computer science from Urbana, Illinois! On campus, I’m the design lead for AthenaHacks, an all-female hackathon dedicated to filling the gender gap in computer science. I'm also a member of Code the Change, a club that builds web + mobile applications for non-profits, and involved with the Thematic Option program. In my free time, I love to doodle, play tennis, or explore the food scene in Koreatown!

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“Fail often, fail fast."

- don Norman

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More About Me

My Favorite LA Spots

2 Truths, 1 Lie

True according to Pottermore!

My Involvements

  • athena hacks morgan mercer

    I serve as an organizer + design lead for AthenaHacks, Southern California’s premier hackathon for women! Click here to learn more!

  • I’m a member of Code the Change, a student org that builds apps for non-profits. This semester, my team is working on a mobile app for Gladeo!

  • I’m part of the Thematic Option (TO) program, an alternative set of general education courses that emphasize reading and writing! Some of my favorite classes at USC have been a part of TO.

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Favorite Spots around Campus

  • Hoose Library of Philosophy, one of the prettiest places on campus to get some work done at!

  • The Law School Cafe sells an amazing salmon bowl!

  • The best thing about living in the Village might be the consistent access to Trader Joe’s and all their addicting snacks (try the pumpkin bread mix).

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My Major: Computer Science

     Why Computer Science?

Even though I applied to USC as a computer science major, I didn't write my first line of code until I got here! In fact, I was initially set on pursuing a career related to art and design. However, I've also always loved building things, and over the course of my freshman year I realized that computer science could enable me to explore both interests. 

Passion in the Classroom 

My Favorite Courses

CS majors will usually take this class at the end of their freshman/beginning of sophomore year. While it has reputation of being pretty difficult, you learn so much within the semester + are well equipped for job recruiting afterwards!